Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa – August 17, 2018 – Red Cherry Media Holdings,  the Holding Company of Red Cherry Interactive, is celebrating its 25th birthday in 2019. The business has recently secured strong new strategic partners who have acquired a 60% stake in Red Cherry Interactive, an innovative industry-leader. “The decision was not just about BEE, it was also about finding partners that shared in our vision and were able to help us fast track our business with their knowledge and market influence” says Mike Glover, founder and CEO of Red Cherry Interactive.


“We believe that diversity is the future of our business and Big Brands like Red Cherry Interactive are the best to ride with. We commit to contribute in building Red Cherry to great heights and new glory both as the biggest media house and production house in Mzansi” said Pheladi Mphahlele. Pheladi is the current deputy CEO tipped to take over from Mike in January as CEO and lead Red Cherry Interactive into a new dawn.
“We at the Be Sure Group saw an opportunity to increase our media footprint and the acquisition of Red Cherry with a strong track record made perfect sense” says Sammy Mashita. We see the growth of Be Sure Group through shareholding of Be Sure Media in Red Cherry as a strategic and necessary move.


Red Cherry have recently built two new studios and with that, secured long term contracts. They still continue to “Dare to be Different” by offering creative media solutions and with a strong cutting-edge Production component to the business, it has increased their overall offerings considerably.


About Red Cherry:


Red Cherry Interactive is an interactive branded content company who works with clients and agencies to:

  • Produce branded content: TV and radio commercials, shows, AVs, digital content
  • Book media: TV/radio/print or any other media bookings
  • Run supporting activations: Branded vehicles
  • Conceptualise and execute concepts and campaigns from start to finish

Learn more about how Red Cherry Interactive can benefit your brand, contact us on (011) 807 2531 or at info@redcherry.co.za. You can also visit our website redcherry.co.za for more information.