The Change

The word change has been a hot topic in recent months, especially in world affairs. The DA used it very successfully, Trump’s campaign was built around it; even the very market we find ourselves in is changing. Since the market is changing, we think Red Cherry needs to change too. Red Cherry’s interactive success stories over the last 24 years continue to WOW. So, the argument could be said that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but we disagree. We are welcoming change with open arms by “upsizing” and strengthening our existing brands. Taking what we are good at and making it even better. With our new image and accompanying tagline content that connects; this, for us, is a great space to move into.

Back Then

When we opened our doors in 1993, TV and radio were king. Mass media was our playground. We hit the ground running racking up over 2000 successful TV and radio campaigns, proving time after time to our clients that we can cut through the clutter and deliver real value for their brands.


And today? We now live in a multi-screen world where all the information you need is right at your fingertips. A world where advertisers have a direct line to the consumer. So, as you can imagine, the consumer has never been more bombarded with information than they do now. This is because every single content platform is bursting at the seams with hopeful attempts at getting consumers to take notice, making it nearly impossible for a brand’s voice to be heard. So many companies can produce content, but very few can successfully extend the story or reach of that content across all screens, to a much wider audience and in a way that is meaningful and relevant to the consumer.

Challenge Accepted

We have always been known as one of the leading production and media companies in South Africa, specialising in TV production, radio production, video production, branded content, media buying and lead generation services. But now, we are taking another bold step. Officially migrating into the world of digital and interactivity. To be honest, we have been interactive for all of 24 years. We are a company that has always stayed ahead of the industry, and interactivity and being digitally relevant is imperative when talking to consumers.

Why Interactive?

In short, we believe in the power of interactivity. So much so that everything we do has an interactive and engaging element to it. By enhancing that digital component in our existing arsenal of brands and expertise, we will bridge the gap across screens and across platforms by continuing to create experiences that engage, entertain and ultimately bring people together.

This is only the beginning. Watch this space.

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